9 Ways to Save Time on the SAT – Part 3

Author: Jesse Sternberg

This week Jesse covers tips 6 and 7 to help you save time on the SAT.

6. Never read a Reading Comprehension passage twice

That’s just a waste of time! Before you start reading, glance at the questions to see which part(s) of the passage they focus on (they’ll generally provide you with line numbers) and read that part of the passage only before answering that question. Save the questions about the passage as a whole for last – by the time you get to them, you’ll know the passage well and won’t need to read again. With paired passages, always answer all the questions about the first passage before even looking at the second, and save the “compare and contrast” questions for last. Jotting down little notes about the main ideas of various paragraphs will also help ensure you don’t have to read the passage twice.

7. Write an outline for the SAT essay.

It might seem like a waste of time, but it’s actually a great time-saver. Just three well-focused minutes writing an outline can save you countless additional minutes halfway through a paragraph, puzzling over what to write.

Next week we’ll have more tips to help you own the SAT. Read more from our SAT experts at www.knewton.com/blog/sat

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