8 Tips to a Professional Press Release

press releaseHave you or your chapter done something great? Outstanding? Amazing? Let the world know! Grab the attention of busy reporters (and the FBLA-PBL National Center) by drafting a flawless press release. The following eight tips could mean the difference between your chapter’s notoriety or anonymity.

  1. Hook ’Em. Your first impression is the most important. Reel in reporters with a strong headline. Your headline should be descriptive, engaging, accurate, and no more than seven words.
  2. Get to the Point. You have three seconds to keep that reporter’s attention–don’t waste time with filler and fluff. Your first paragraph should get to the point and answer the five Ws of journalism (Who, What, When, Where, Why). You can add more detail in subsequent paragraphs.
  3. That’s a Fact, Jack. There’s no place for ornamental prose in your press release. Support significant information with hard numbers and facts. Did you hold a can drive to stock a local food bank? Awesome! Quantify how much you collected and how many people you helped.
  4. He said what? Now it’s time to add some color and life to those facts. Whenever possible, include quotes from credible sources or people present at your event. Not only is it valuable information, it provides a human element to your story.
  5. Keep it short. Less is almost always more. Limit your press release to one page. If you want to include additional information, provide links to your chapter’s website or blog.
  6. Include your contact info. You’ve written a brilliant press release that will hook the attention of the local media. Don’t forget to let them know who to get in touch with. Include your name, email, and phone number at the top of the page.
  7. Proofread. Don’t send that press release until you and at least one other person have scoured the page for errors. Even one typo could be the difference between making a headline or the waste bin.
  8. Say Cheese! If you’re submitting your press release to the FBLA-PBL National Center, include two to three photos showcasing your event or achievement.

Now that you’re a press release pro, what are you waiting for? Submit your news to the national center! Because good news deserves to be shared.

Lindsey A. Frederick is the communications manager at FBLA-PBL. She’s always looking for a good story to share with members.

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